Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stolen Base Runs

To read the full-story see: STOLEN BASE RUNS

Pete Palmer’s Linear Weights, akin to Bill James Win Shares, attempts to measure a players overall ability by taking into account everything the player does in all phases of the game including; pitching, hitting, fielding and baserunning. Stolen Base Runs is the base running component of the formula, an it is the focus of this article (to see a full description of the massive formula used for Linear Weights, see TOTAL BASEBALL, 8th Edition, pp.2668, 2670, 2673-4. One other note; Linear Weights has now been renamed Total Player Wins).

Historically the numbers used in Palmer’s formula were .30 for SB and -.60 for CS, but subsequent research has determined that .22 for SB and -.45 for CS is more accurate, so therefore the numbers that I will use in this study.

([.22*SB] – [.45*CS])

Here are the expnaded 2005 SB Runs leaders for MLB (all players with 5+ SB).

Carl Crawford 6.52
José Reyes 6.45
Jimmy Rollins 6.32
Chone Figgins 5.99
Alfonso Soriano 5.70
Rafael Furcal 5.62
Juan Pierre 4.89
Jason Bay 4.17
Orlando Cabrera 3.72
Tony Womack 3.69
Ichiro Suzuki 3.66
Julio Lugo 3.63
Johnny Damon 3.51
Kenny Lofton 3.49
Ryan Freel 3.42
Bobby Abreu 2.77
Scott Podsednik 2.63
Reggie Sanders 2.63
Willie Bloomquist 2.63
Albert Pujols 2.62
Craig Counsell 2.57
Willy Taveras 2.53
Joe Mauer 2.41
Mike Cameron 2.41
Vladimir Guerrero 2.41
Damian Jackson 2.40
Rickie Weeks 2.40
Adam Kennedy 2.38
Nook Logan 2.36
Chase Utley 2.17
Marcus Giles 2.17
Joey Gathright 2.15
Craig Biggio 1.97
Derrek Lee 1.95
Álex Rodríguez 1.92
Torii Hunter 1.91
Omar Infante 1.76
Emil Brown 1.75
Cliff Floyd 1.74
Matt Holliday 1.73
Jayson Werth 1.52
Russ Adams 1.52
So Taguchi 1.52
Miguel Cairo 1.51
Royce Clayton 1.51
Adam Everett 1.47
Brian Roberts 1.44
Eric Chávez 1.32
Damon Hollins 1.31
Gary Sheffield 1.30
Héctor Luna 1.30
Cory Sullivan 1.29
Aaron Rowand 1.27
Bill Hall 1.26
Jason Repko 1.10
Khalil Greene 1.10
Orlando Hudson 1.09
Pete Orr 1.09
Pete Orr 1.09
David Newhan 1.08
Gary Matthews Jr. 1.08
Carlos Lee 1.06
Jacque Jones 1.06
Corey Patterson 1.05
Tadahito Iguchi 1.05
Carlos Beltrán 1.04
John McDonald 0.87
Kazuo Matsui 0.87
Marlon Anderson 0.87
Milton Bradley 0.87
Darin Erstad 0.85
Willie Harris 0.85
Derek Jeter 0.83
Omar Vizquel 0.78
Bubba Crosby 0.65
Chipper Jones 0.65
Marlon Byrd 0.65
Miguel Tejada 0.65
Moisés Alou 0.65
Shea Hillenbrand 0.65
Álex Cora 0.64
Eric Bruntlett 0.64
Eric Byrnes 0.64
Mark Teahen 0.64
Miguel Olivo 0.64
Tony Graffanino 0.64
Aaron Boone 0.63
Junior Spivey 0.63
Maicer Izturis 0.63
Antonio Pérez 0.62
Jermaine Dye 0.62
Brian Giles 0.61
Coco Crisp 0.60
David Wright 0.59
Bernie Castro 0.42
Jason Lane 0.42
Jeff Kent 0.42
Víctor Díaz 0.42
Craig Monroe 0.41
Jason Kendall 0.41
Vernon Wells 0.41
Jason Ellison 0.38
Grady Sizemore 0.34
Marco Scutaro 0.20
Michael Young 0.20
Trent Durrington 0.20
Iván Rodríguez 0.19
Jack Wilson 0.19
Édgar Rentería 0.18
Raúl Ibañez 0.18
Lew Ford 0.16
Felipe López 0.15
Ray Durham -0.03
Eric Hinske -0.04
Mark Loretta -0.04
Neifi Pérez -0.04
Rob Mackowiak -0.04
Shawn Green -0.04
Shawn Green -0.04
Steve Finley -0.04
Pablo Ozuna -0.07
Matt Lawton -0.09
Álex González -0.25
Andruw Jones -0.25
Brad Ausmus -0.25
David Dellucci -0.25
Larry Bigbie -0.25
Cristian Guzmán -0.26
Melvin Mora -0.26
Travis Lee -0.26
Jonny Gomes -0.27
Chris Burke -0.28
Jeff DaVanon -0.28
Luis Matos -0.31
Dave Roberts -0.34
Clint Barmes -0.48
Álex Sánchez -0.49
Jeromy Burnitz -0.70
Ángel Berroa -0.71
Shannon Stewart -0.71
Nick Punto -0.74
Randy Winn -0.77
Juan Encarnación -0.93
Mark Grudzielanek -0.94
Luis Castillo -0.95
Álex Ríos -0.97
David DeJesús -1.15
Jim Edmonds -1.15
Mark Kotsay -1.15
Brandon Inge -1.16
Eric Young -1.16
David Eckstein -1.18
Preston Wilson -1.38
Aubrey Huff -1.39
Reed Johnson -1.60
Morgan Ensberg -1.83
César Izturis -1.84
Jerry Hairston Jr. -2.29
Jeremy Reed -2.31
Brad Wilkerson -2.74
Brady Clark -3.65


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