Friday, May 20, 2005

Sports Illustrated Weekly Column

Hello there everyone, and thanks for stopping by.

I have big news to report, well at least its some news, but whether or not it is big is another matter.

I have recently been fortunate enough to have been given a weekly column for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. The weekly article is, of course, on fantasy baseball and can only be read exclusively on for free. In this weekly cloumn I will be answering readers questions in regards to what trades they should and shouldn't make (it's a milbag column).

You can read this weeks column at:

If you have any fantasy related questions please email them to me at:

and if you send me something really worthwhile, you just might read your answer on!

Dont forget to tune it Fridays to hear yours truly and Craig Davis with our weekly fantasy show. The show is live on Fridays from 2PM- 3 PM EST. If you want to join us with a question, just go to, link to the Radio Show Page (THE PAYOFF PITCH), and you can find the number to call in.

*** A special thanks to Ryan Houston of Fantasy Planet for helping to get me the gig (FP is the parent company for


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