Wednesday, January 19, 2005


POWER SPEED AVERAGE, or PWSA, is an invention to determine the relative value of players in the categories of HR an SB (it is meant to replace Power Speed Number of Bill James).

To review, here is the formula to figure out PWSA.

PWSA = [(HR x Ratio) + (SB x Ratio)] x 10

For the 2004 season here are the ratios:

HR = There were 5451 HR.
This means that each HR was worth 0.000183 (1/5451

SB = There were 2589 SB.
This means that each SB was worth 0.000386 (1/ 2589)


Lew Ford had 15 HR and 20 SB.
PWSA = [(HR x Ratio) + (SB x Ratio)] x 10
(15*0.000183) + (20*0.000386) x 10
(0.002745 + .00772) x 10
Therefore Lew Ford's 2004 PWSA is .105.

Here are the 2004 PWSA Leaders

Player/Team/ PWSA

S. Podsednik, Mil /0.292
C. Crawford, TB /0.248
C. Beltran, KC/Hou /0.232
B. Abreu, Phi /0.209
J. Pierre, Fla 0.179
A. Rodriguez, NYY /0.174
C. Patterson, ChC /0.167
D. Roberts, Bos/LA /0.154
I. Suzuki, Sea /0.154
R. Freel, Cin /0.148
J. Rollins, Phi/ 0.141
C. Figgins, Ana /0.140
M. Cameron, NYM /0.140
R. Furcal, Atl /0.138
E. Chavez, Mon /0.133
D. Jeter, NYY /0.131
V. Guerrero, Ana/ 0.129
M. Lawton, Cle /0.125
T. Hunter, Min/ 0.123
R. Sanders, StL/ 0.121
A. Soriano, Tex /0.121
B. Roberts, Bal /0.119
A. Beltre, LA /0.115
T. Batista, Mon /0.113
J. Damon, Bos /0.110
A. Rowand, CWS /0.110
T. Womack, StL /0.110
B. Wilkerson, Mon/ 0.109
J. Edmonds, StL /0.108
A. Dunn, Cin /0.107
R. Winn, Sea /0.107
B. Bonds, SF /0.106
D. Lee, ChC /0.105
C. Crisp, Cle /0.105
L. Ford, Min /0.105
C. Izturis, LA /0.104
A. Pujols, StL /0.103
J. Drew, Atl /0.103
E. Byrnes, Oak /0.102
S. Finley, LA/Ari/ 0.101
C. Lee, CWS /0.099
R. Baldelli, TB /0.095
J. Jones, Min /0.094
J. Lugo, TB /0.094
M. Bradley, LA /0.093
M. Mora, Bal /0.092
L. Berkman, Hou /0.090
J. Burnitz, Col /0.087
M. Young, Tex /0.087
O. Vizquel, Cle /0.086
J. Valentin, CWS/ 0.086
G. Sheffield, NYY/ 0.085
L. Castillo, Fla/ 0.085
T. Redman, Pit /0.084
E. Renteria, StL/ 0.084
C. Guillen, Det /0.083
B. Boone, Sea /0.083
J. DaVanon, Ana /0.082
R. Mackowiak, Pit/ 0.081
J. Cruz Jr., TB /0.081
B. Giles, SD /0.081
C. Koskie, Min /0.080
M. Giles, Atl /0.080
O. Cabrera, Bos/Mon/ 0.080
M. Cabrera, Fla /0.080
O. Infante, Det /0.079
A. Sanchez, Det /0.077
W. Harris, CWS /0.077
J. Reyes, NYM /0.077
V. Wells, Tor /0.077
J. Uribe, CWS /0.077
J. Kent, Hou /0.076
C. Pena, Det /0.076
A. Jones, Atl /0.076
E. Chavez, Oak /0.076
A. Kennedy, Ana /0.076
L. Rivas, Min /0.076
C. Floyd, NYM /0.075
D. Erstad, Ana /0.075
E. Hinske, Tor /0.074
J. Bagwell, Hou /0.073
A. Huff, TB /0.072
D. Jimenez, Cin /0.072
J. Varitek, Bos /0.072
C. Biggio, Hou /0.071
B. Clark, Mil /0.071
S. Green, LA /0.071
C. Blake, Cle /0.071
J. Gerut, Cle /0.070
R. Durham, SF /0.070


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good article...but shouldn't a players AB's get calculated into the equation? I think that would give a truer gauge of a players worth. I'm sure you have thought of this, so you can tell me to hush up if ya like.


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